Koko Samoa with Vanilla – Signature Candle


Unique and like no other!

Koko Samoa our Signature!

Our Koko Samoa and Vanilla Candle scent is custom mixed using only the best ingredients to give long lasting burn and scent throw.

Proudly made and designed by Samāori.

300ml Handpoured by Samāori in small batches with 100% Natural Vegetable wax.

If you are looking for a candle that smells amazing, this is it!! Superior Blend Coconut & Soy Wax has outstanding scent throw. When the candle is unlit (cold throw) and when the candle is burning (hot throw).
  • Burns slower and cleaner than soy wax alone, which means you will have a longer lasting candle. 
  • VEGAN – Made from a sustainable, easily renewable crops. 

Ingredients: Pure Coconut Wax, Pure Soy Wax – No Additives. Essential oil and Real Koko Samoa

Up to 50hrs burn time.