Everyone has an inner strength our Samāori Warrior is a reminder never to give up, never to be controlled, underminded and to stand tall with mana (pride) and always fa’amalosi (strong).

The war weapons in Samāori Logo – Taiaha (NZ Maori) and Nifo Oti (Samoa) are strong pieces that are very significant traditional trademarks that represent NZ, Maori and Samoa.

Both pieces are held with utmost respect to both cultures. Samāori is proud to represent and keep connection to the values and wisdom instilled by generations before us. The inner warrior and strength of these two cultures together AZ1 are very powerful and spiritually through belief of the presence of ancestors Samāori aroha/alofa (love) is a voice that speaks “never give up”


Samāori not only wants to build a brand that connects with a diverse multicultural society but a brand that inspires through passion of culture by adding unique point of difference and flavor!

Samāori is a brand that supports culture and sees value in giving back and generating income to families in Samoa by sourcing and creating signatures that enable to bring in local ingredients where possible.

Creating pathways for our Pasifika/ Maori Youth to be empowered and have confidence is another core value.

Jessica’s family from Saleaula (Lava fields) Savaii own land/plantation in the village with many crops bearing coconut, taro, bananas, guava, mango, paw paw, pineapple, noni and Cacao (KOKO) Samoa.

The vision is to open the doors again for new ventures and opportunities and rebuild wealth within the village and all the families that reside in the village and its surrounding neighbours.


By Samāori

Aufai Jessica, and Paully from Ngati Paoa are very proud to connect with Les Betham from Alesia Coffee Plantation located on the beautiful tropical island and homeland of Samoa.
Determined to deliver a REAL Samaori Original Blend and add truth to their Brand and Story Aufai Jessica wanted to source Samoan Green Beans! This she believed would help create that point of difference in the Auckland Market and an opportunity to establish more than just coffee “passion of culture”.
Earlier in January 2019  Jessica receives her first Natural Samoan Green Bean Coffee sample from Aleisa Coffee.  With excitement the beans were taken in an orange mitre 10 bucket straight to a friend and contract roaster at  Project Coffee.
Project coffee operate one of its kind Fluid Air Roaster in AKL the blend was roasted as a single origin, examined after roasting and left for degassing.
After a few days Jessica returns to meet with Carey at Project Coffee NZ here they chat about the options and quality of the Natural Samoa bean and start to form blends. A few caffeine hits and experimenting flavor profiles to suit our Auckland market.
Infusing a premium dose of beans from SAMOA an ethical sustainable blend Samāori delivered!
The final touch from an idea and story to come true and a new chapter begins…